CFM Zero

PRICE: $79.99

CFM Zero is 100% isolated WPI Lacprodan® 90 from Arla®. It’s low lactose, sugar, aspartame free. Our Strawberry flavor has 27.40g of protein per scoop(30gr) that yields out 91.3% of pure Isolate Lacprodan 90 protein per serving, the highest on the market.

Our passion for finding the best ingredients in the market led us to Arla® Foods, the world’s leading company with the best qualities in the world of proteins. CFM ZERO contains whey protein Isolate of great purity, excellent aminogram and maximum bio-availability, with one of the highest biological values ??in the world. CFM Zero is the most advanced form of whey protein, with more than 90% protein and a negligible proportion of fats and lactose. Thanks to a Biological Value (VB) higher than that of any other protein, the whey protein isolate contains high levels of essential and non-essential amino acids.