About Virtual Fitness Planet

About Virtual Fitness Planet (vfitplanet)


Virtual Fitness Planet (vfitplanet) is our “Premier Online Fitness Community” formed “for athletes by athletes”.  vfitplanet was conceived from the necessity to connect together the multiple facets of the fitness industry. There’s a home here for athletes of all levels, merchants, service providers, event promoters, and all other fitness enthusiasts. We all come together here where we share an appreciation for the fitness lifestyle.

 We know that fitness is actually a lifestyle.  We’re a unique group living in our own world . . . so we may as well form our own Planet! VFit Planet is where we come to be among like-minded peers in the fitness industry.  It’s where we brand ourselves, share our ideas, talk about our experiences, and get what we need for our fitness lifestyles.  The information, expert advice, products, and professionals that we need and love are right here.  No more endless searches on the World Wide Web.  It’s in our store, in our directory, on our calendar, or on our blog.  You don’t have to go anywhere else. It’s here at your fingertips. If it isn’t, “we want to get it here!”

You tell us what you want on the PLANET.  No matter what it is . . . we’ll do our very best to have it here in our store.


“FREE” Athlete Profile

First things first, we encourage athletes on all levels from beginning your transformation to long-time professional competitors to create your profile. Post as many pics and videos as you need to distinguish your place in the fitness industry.  “Promote yourself and gain exposure.” Also, as a high profile athlete you can use this forum to control your image and tell your own story.

Sponsorship- We took the time to make your profiles searchable by multiple categories.  There are companies that need your talents to promote their brands. We want them to easily find the athletes they are looking for so please be as detailed as possible when creating your profiles! 

Sharing- Even more, at the click of a button, you can forward your complete profile by email or to social media. We make it easy to brand and promote yourself.



Search no further, go nowhere else . . . the fitness professionals and experts in our directory are dedicated to making your fitness journey as pleasant as possible.



Promoters are eager for you to participate in their events.  After all, they do it just for you.  Go to our calendar to find all the lastest competitions.



Our store is “for athletes by athletes”.  We want to have your favorite items in our store.  Use your profile to tell us about your favorite products and services.  We will work diligently with the merchants to have them here on the PLANET.  This will be your chance to try the markets hottest products as reviewed by your peers.



This will make for interesting reading. There are some things we want you to know. Our fitness experts can’t wait to deliver expert advice and quality information to you. You may also take this opportunity to reveal your expertise by submitting your own article for the blog.  This is your chance to voice your opinion where it matters.  Or, just share your journey and experiences.



We’re just getting started in this world . . . but together . . . we can form our own PLANET!


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